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The efficient bundling of various professional competencies, built upon a modular structure, is one key aspect of the success of the consulting services provided by VenCo AG.

We have experience and knowledge of more than 1,000 venues in Europe. We can also tap into the experience of experts from all relevant areas.


Our consulting structure follows a standardised, tried-and-tested process in which the four individual modules efficiently interlink. The process is dynamic, with findings from previous stages incorporated into all analysis stages. This integrated approach focusing on synergies enables us to develop a tailor-made, sustainable solution for your business.

VenCo Erfolgskonzept

The market is the basis and starting point for all of our investigations. We highlight your enterprise’s existing potential, from the global perspective through to regional resources. Furthermore, we create a future scenario demonstrating your development prospects as well as specific risks and opportunities for your enterprise.
  • Potential analysis
  • Future scenario
  • Marketing
Infrastructure which works smoothly and efficiently and is best adapted to meet the needs of your company is key to the successful implementation of your events.
  • Spatial concept
  • Processes
  • Organisation
  • Staff
Based on previous analyses, we calculate the profitability for the property and your enterprise. Our business plans demonstrate the short-, medium- and long-term success of the planned measures and corresponding liquidity needs for the individual scenarios. 
  • Real estate concept
  • Operating concept
  • Commercial viability
  • Indirect profitability
Whether a new build, renovation, repositioning or general change process – strategic projects require intelligent, results-oriented communication with all involved. This ranges from identifying stakeholders through to providing information to political bodies, investors, citizens and the media.
  • Project communication
  • Market communication

Whether you need advice on a restructuring, feasibility study or the design of a convention and event centre, all of our venue consulting products follow the process of the four analysis and advice modules. We use our analyses to derive recommendations for the strategic and efficient realignment of the event operation.

We also help our clients to implement recommended measures.


Quick Check provides a first analytical insight into your event business and can therefore serve as an important basis for difficult decision-making processes. 


Our modular approach allows us to take in all areas of your business. We analyse the vulnerabilities and examine the cost drivers. With our integrated analysis we can ensure the strategic realignment of your business.


With new projects, we use the established market potential to develop appropriate spatial concepts and the infrastructure required, and determine your staffing needs. All findings are incorporated into a profitability analysis for the property and the operation of your event venue.

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